Saturday, November 24, 2012

family holiday traditions

I've always said once I have my own family we would start our own holiday traditions. My parents don't really listen to my suggestions for traditions.And trying to get the rest of my family to follow would nearly be impossible. So I need a familyof my own. Well marriage is pretty far away and children are definitely not on the horizon anytime soon, but I do have a family of sorts - my roommates.

On Thanksgiving we kicked off our tradition by first joining hands and praying. Make that praying three times. Yes it took three tries. Then we all said what we were thankful for and a Bible verse. While preparing our plates, I proceeded to read an original piece entitled "Twas the night before Thanksgiving." Thus a Herdinson Family Tradition was born (yes we created a family name).

Today we also started another family tradition - preparing for Christmas. One roommate bought a live tree and we spent the afternoon decorating it. There are several strands of light, candy canes, ornaments and more. This evening we are also watching Love Actually. And yet another family holiday tradition is born.

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