Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the faux beau

One of my male friends has this annoying habit of always asking about my love life. It was non-existent last week. It's non-existent this week. More than likely it will be non-existent next week. Maybe if I was beating guys off with a broom I could understand the perpetual interest in my love lack, or lack thereof. No, I'm perpetually dateless, and he knows this. So during one umpteenth time of him asking about me dating someone I decided to make a faux beau up.

For a while it seemed to get him off my case.  Until he started asking about the new guy all the time. At least he asked about the faux beau lot less than he was asking if I was dating anyone at all. The bad thing was I could never remember the details of this guy I was supposedly dating. I'm a horrible liar. The fact he even believed me was a complete shock. Unfortunately he seemed to remember all the details and would ask specific things relating to them.

Enough was enough and I told him Monday the guy was made up. "Why would you do that?" he said. He was "genuinely" interested in how my love life was going. WHY? Don't worry about mine. Worry about your more than five year relationship. When I do have something to share about dating and relating I definitely tell someone. Just NOT him. He's not high enough on the friendship pyramid *a post for another day) to be privy to details. I told him as much (as well as mind your own business). Here's hoping I don't have to make up anymore faux beaus.

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