Monday, November 12, 2012

Dreamland inspiration

I wonder what he's dreaming about.
Within the past four days I’ve had several weird dreams. Unusually I might have one weird dream every quarter. To have four in just a week has got to be a record.  I once read that dreams mean something. Mine make no sense; however, they are fairly entertaining.

I shared a dream a year ago with some friends. One of them used it as a basis for a book (Roller Derby Vampire Girl) which he wants to get published. Another of my weird dreams would make a good TV or novel series in the fantasy realm. Maybe one of the dreams I had this week could be the basis of another artistic venture.

I’m too lazy to pen a book, script or play myself. Perhaps you, my four readers, might be inspired to create something. Below is a quick synopsis of what I remember from the weirdest dream. Just give me a shout out in the book, moving credits or show premiere (and a check would be nice too). If by chance you have an interpretation of my dream, please share it.

The monster date

This random guy and I go out on a date in a giant jungle gym (picture Trump Towers as a jungle gym). Apparently jungle gyms are the place to take the ladies in Dreamland. We run into a couple of his friends who I both know. One happens to be my cousin and the other is a co-worker. He doesn’t want me talking to them for some reason, but I do so anyway. I’m not letting some random dream guy try to tell me what to do on the first date. I should have listened. Suddenly they all transform into creatures – he a Frankenstein’s monster, my cousin a worm/vampire beast and the co-worker a werewolf – and start fighting.

Needless to say I am terrified and run into a glass box office at the bottom of the jungle gym. Inside is another creature, who reminds me of the spooky butler people display on Halloween. He says they are fighting to see who will claim me. Of course I have to ask what exactly does that entail. The butler creature says they want to tear me limb from limb. Ultimately my monster date wins, after tearing my cousin in half and making the co-worker run away. He comes to the glass box where I am strangely calm. Really what are you going to do if a creature wants to tear you limb from limb? He walks up and grabs me, but instead of my limbs being removed I get a hug. When I look at him, he’s back to looking like a normal person. He also goes to check on my cousin to make sure his two halves get connect back together properly (he could die otherwise).

We then go to the top of the jungle gym to talk. What did we say? I don’t remember. What I do remember is I get stuck in one of the ropes. Even in my dreams I’m accident prone. We start to head down, but he first has to see if it’s safe on one side and throws my shoe down to the left. The ground just swallows my shoe, and we deem that side unsafe. He checks the other side and it’s safe. My date jumps all the way to the bottom and tells me to do the same. He plans on catching me. I wasn’t having it. I start to climb my way down, but when I get closer I leap into his arms … and wake up.

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