Saturday, November 17, 2012

Play to win

I play to win.
There is one rule I live by when going to a shower event: play to win. Whatever game is thrown my way at a shower I play to win. It doesn't matter if it's a baby or bridal shower. Games can range from a bridal shower word search to baby shower bingo. There might even be 100 hundred other guests. Regardless of the situation there is one thing to keep in mind - I PLAY TO WIN!

Attending a baby shower for a friend today reminded me of my competitive spirit. When I saw the future mom-to-be a few days ago I asked if there were going to be games. Also I told her to warn everyone because "I play to win." It was on like Donkey Kong once I walked in the door. I came in empty-handed and left with two prizes. The first game I won required getting the most cotton balls from a bowl on my head to a bowl on the table using only a spoon (and all while blindfolded). I also won the pin game. Participants couldn't say the word, "Baby" or cross their arms and legs. Not even a minute after the game started I collected a pin. By the end of the shower I had all but one pin, and another prize came my way.

My "play to win" mentality started in high school and I began attending showers for family and friends on a regular basis. My mother would win games all the time, and soon the competitive spirit rubbed off on me. Soon I was surpassing her in game winning. I win at least one game at a shower. Usually it's two. There has been at least one instance where I was banned from playing anymore games at a shower because I was winning everything. What can I say? I take the art of shower gaming seriously. You got to get with it or get lost. You have to PLAY TO WIN!

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