Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaBloPoMo - Guess who's back?

Welcome to the start of another National Blog Posting Month. Yours truly will be writing something new each day for the entire month of November. Think of this as a special treat for my followers, (all four of you if you're still there).

 This is my second year participating in NaBloPoMo. It was challenging of course the first time around. Imagine having to figure out a new topic to write about every day.  There’s not that much to talk about on a daily basis in the LC. The struggle was real in trying to avoid Writer’s Block throughout the month

Actually it wasn't THAT bad. I use to work at a newspaper and had to find several stories from my beat to write about every day. That made me practically a pro at writing about almost anything. Overall I had a blast writing each day for NaBloPoMo. Instead of focusing on city politics, which were sometimes a bore, I had the opportunity to write about whatever interested me. Some of my posts were fairly good. Of course I had to join in the fun again.

This month I'm writing whimsical posts of topics such as Thanksgiving food favorites or my plans for the weekend. Also I'll tackle some serious issues, such as breastfeeding in public. Expect bubblegum and popcorn pieces as well as hard hitting insightful posts all mixed with a bit of me being facetious. Most of my posts will be under 400 words, but there may be a few lengthy ones in the mix.

Ultimately my goal is to continue to improve my skills as a writer. I might not be a reporter anymore, but I will always be a writer at heart. This is my writing outlet. Perhaps something I write will touch the reader in you.

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