Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spoiler Alert

There is something about a good spoiler that just makes you want to read or watch whatever it's in regards too. Oh wait, am I the only person who likes spoilers? OK, my name is TONI and I like book and movie spoilers. Knowing the ending first makes it all worthwhile for me.

One of my favorite websites is themoviespoiler.com. Do you know how many movies I already know the ending too before I even see them? One of my chief activities is reading the spoiler for movies that come out each week. I can count on one hand how many movies I have seen in the last five years that I didn't know the ending to or some interesting plot twist. The same goes for major book series. I go to Wikipedia to get a synopsis. Yes, I am currently reading the Harry Potter series. Yes, I know how it all ends. That won't keep me from reading the series. It actually motivates me to do so in the first place.

I like knowing  what the final destination is going to be. But what I really enjoy about spoilers and knowing the ending is learning how it all exactly unfolds. The butler did it. But how? That is what I want to know. The fun part is the journey, not as much as the ending. Lost was never a series I watched. It didn't tickle my fancy until I heard the ending. Now I have to watch it (along with 20 other shows).

Still not convinced that spoilers are good (for me at least). Knowing the ending to things don't spoil the fun for me. To be perfectly honest, my memory isn't the best when I don't have all the facts laid out. So I forget things. Major things. Like Cedric Diggory dying. Did not see (or at least remember) that coming at all. Although I might peruse the Harry Potter Wiki pages and learn random tidbits, I will forget them by the next day. But as much as I enjoy spoilers, I tend to not provide them for others. Everyone can't be like me.

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