Wednesday, November 28, 2012

bun head

This week I have been experimenting with wearing a bun every day. Every. Single. Day. Who knew there were so many different bun styles to wear? It's partially out of not wanting to wash my hair every week. I'm trying the every other week approach for the winter.Basically I wear it twisted week one and loose during week two. The buns have helped me stretch not washing my hair.

I tried taking pictures of my buns with my dumb phone. It hasn't worked too well, which is kind of sad. There is a good chance I will forget all these buns and never be able to wear them again. Dramatic much! I shall try to describe them for my memory and your pleasure.

Monday -  Topknot inspired by Essence Magazine. It was really simple to recreate and I think it would look great for a fancy occasion.

Tuesday  - The classic sock bun. I just cut the bottom out of an old trouser sock and rolled it down. Then I made a high pony tail, pulled the sock down and covered it with my hair. I looked like a ballerina, but it works well for a regular work day.

Wednesday-  Pin bun. This was my own creation. Basically I took sections and pinned them all in the middle to create a huge bowlesque bun. I kind of looked like a school marm. A cute one though.

Thursday  - The back of my hair is in a flat twist that transforms into several individual twists pinned into a bun. Another of my creations. Yes, I know it's not Thursday yet, but I style my hair the night before so the bun can be shaped.

Friday - I'm undecided about Friday. It will probably be a bun at the nape of my neck made of pincurls. In my mind this is another fancy bun.

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