Saturday, November 10, 2012

The cat and the maiden

The cat in his favorite spot - the maiden's bed.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden named Antonia who lived in a magical City filled with Lakes. For many moons Antonia lived alone with just a betta fish, Ralphie, but no friends in the city to really call her own. One day she met another fair maiden, K, who offered the promise of friendship (and cheaper lodging). Antonia packed her belongings and immediately moved in. And soon her days were filled with roommates – and cats.

Antonia never considered herself a cat person. She grew up with dogs and fish. Initially she and the cats didn’t pay attention to one another. Then one fateful day her beloved betta fish died, and she was heartbroken. Antonia began to spend her evernings in the living room watching movies on Netflix to ease the pain. Instantly the cats, Kitty Love and Ozzy, found her lap to be quite appealing. Soon her lap became the preferred spot of choice for both cats, particularly Ozzy. In time she grew close with the cats, which aided in the healing process. After Kitty Love moved away, her room too became Ozzy’s preferred spot of choice, especially the pillows.

These days Ozzy fails to realize he is NOT Antonia’s cat. It’s more like she is one of his humans (he has three). Perhaps it is because she does feed or bathe him and even scoops his litter box when needed. Most nights he is also in her bed making a nuisance of himself while she is trying to type on her laptop (by just laying all over it). He can be quite lazy and rude. He also gives judgmental stares to those he considers peasants (which is everyone). People must not behave in an unfitting manner around Ozzy for he will judge them. Because of his snooty behavior, Ozzy earned the nickname Lord Ozzington of Pemberly. He reminded the maiden of a furry Mr. Darcy. Despite his character flaws, Lord Ozzington can be a loving cat.  And so the cat and the maiden will live happily ever after.

The End.


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