Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh, am I late?

The start of it all.
Usually I’m late for whatever is the biggest TV show, film or book craze. I completely missed watching Lost. I didn’t see Batman Begins or the Dark Knight until the Dark Knight Rises came out. And The Hunger Games series is at the bottom of my reading priority list. I’m not anti being in the mainstream. You know how some people avoid the latest trend because everyone is on the bandwagon. I just don’t have the time to devote to everything as soon as it comes out. Eventually I want to get around to watching or reading whatever. Granted it might be several years later.

A couple of months ago my roommate convinced me to read the Harry Potter series. Everyone in the world has read the series, seen the movies and been to The Wizarding World at Islands of Adventure– except for me. We have this deal that once I read all the books (and watch the movies) we’ll go the theme park.

After weeks of neglecting to pick up the book, I finally opened the first page one Friday night – and promptly fell asleep. For the record it is not a good idea to try to read a book when you’re dead tired. Saturday I tried again and read the book from start to finish by that afternoon. I just love Snape! Why did I take so long to read the book? It’s mainly because fantasy books have always been at the bottom of my reading list. Mystery is my preferred genre of choice, but I digress.

I should have finished the whole series last month, but I have reading ADD. Typically I never read a series all at once. My monthly reading schedule features at least one book from five different series. That gives each book in the series some time to digest in my mind before I pick up the next one. But if we want to make it to the theme park by Christmas break I need to focus all my attention on Harry Potter. As a result I’ve neglected my monthly book run at the library.

Right now I’m halfway through book four and should finish it this week. That gives me more than enough time to finish the last three books (I might even be able to sneak in another book of two). I was watching the accompanying movie after each book, but that’s slowing me down. Plus the movies deviate too much from the book for me to enjoy them. Maybe during the break I’ll have a Harry Potter movie marathon. By January I can check the Harry Potter series off my “to read/watch” list. That only leaves a gazillion more things. Better late than never, right?


  1. I LOVE the Harry Potter books! Definitely better late than never! So glad you are enjoying them!

    I saw all the movies too. They are good, but the books are (obviously) so much better.

    1. everyone says the movies start to take so much artistic license with the books. i'll see how much in a few weeks.