Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the end is near

I hope everyone exercised their right to vote today.
At long last election day is here. I feel like both parties have been campaigning for four years. Right now I am so happy this day has arrived. Once that last vote is tallied I might just do a dance of joy. There have just been so much negatvitiy with this election. Of course that probably is the case with every one. Can't we all just run without having to bring each other down? I won't bore you with an analysis on this year's election season, mainly because I'm just not that deep into politics to accurately give one. Seriousness is not an area I handle too well. So today's post will instead provide a list of some of my favorite election/political
/president/whatever movies. While you're waiting to hear the election results, pass the time watching one (or all) of them.
1. Head of State - My family and I love, love, love this movie. We can quote lines like nobody's business. Chris Rock isn't always that funny to me, but he provides a decent laugh in this one.

2. The Manchurian Candidate (2004 version) - This political thriller was just so captivating I stayed on the edge of my seat the whole time. And it had Denzel Washington! Bonus!

3. My Fellow Americans - I love how two former opponents end up joining forces in this movie. If only the real political world could be like a movie.

4. Swing Vote - What's not to love about a movie with Kevin Costner? I like how this movie shows how your one vote really does make a difference.

5. Bulworth - This movie is craptastic, meaning it's crappy and fantastic all at the same time. Don't watch this if you want something deep. But you will get a good chuckle or two if you take it at face value as a stupid movie.

6. Dave - Do presidents have body doubles? I wouldn't be surprised. Imagine if you had the opportunity to be the president for a day, week or longer.

7. Air Force One - Hijacking the presidential plan of one Harrison Ford is not the best idea for any evil doer. Really? You're going to take on Indiana Jones.

8. Napolean Dynamite - I too would have voted for Pedro after seeing those sweet dance moves of Napolean.

9. First Daughter - My daddy is a pastor. Most of the time that sucks. I can only imagine it is 10 times worse if you're the president's daughter.

10. She's All That - Even though I knew Laney wasn't going to win Prom Queen I do enjoy her campaigning attemps. She represented someone the outcasts on campus could look up to.

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