Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo: the return

It’s officially National Blog Posting Month, and yours truly is joining the fun. The project was inspired by National Novel Writing Month, where writers complete a novel from start to finish in a month. NaBloPoMo features bloggers posting something different every single day. The task is much easier than it sounds. I know from firsthand experience.

March kicked off my dry run for NaBloPoMo. My kemo sabe, Cee, introduced me to NaBloPoMo several years ago. She’s always in the know about things the cool kids are doing. Once explained, I knew NaBloPoMo was something I could get into and enjoy. I am a writer after all. Also, I’ve started a new job (more details on that later) and no longer have to write as frequently for “the man.” I have more than enough free time to write for myself and my five readers.

Writing started off as a hobby in fourth grade, became a career choice in sixth grade and was my profession for several years. Now it’s back to hobby status. I took a nearly two-month sabbatical from writing recently. Well from posting on my blog at least. I still wrote in my journal and worked as a reporter. It was a much needed break.

In my time away, I was able to reflect on my favorite part of writing: the finished product. Yes, I love coming up with good post ideas, skillfully crafting words together to make my point and revising it to perfection. However, the ultimate satisfaction comes when the post is done so I can share it with others. Then the fun begins when I receive feedback. I say I write for myself, but if that was the case I would merely scribble my musings in the little green journal next to my desk. Posting allows me to share my thoughts while getting feedback from others, good, bad or in-between.

The rest of the month should be quite interesting regarding what I post. I have some ideas in mind, but I never know what might inspire me to write. I can’t wait to read 30 days worth of a finished product. National Blog Posting Month has returned, and post I shall every day.


  1. *one of the 5 readers*

    Welcome back, dammit.


  2. Thank you kindly. It's great to be back.