Thursday, November 24, 2011

the hostess

she's a hostess with the mostess
tired can not even describe how i feel right now. i have been up since 5 preparation for thanksgiving. it is now nearly midnight.

my parents thought they were the ones hosting this year's small gathering. puhleeze. i am the hostess with the mostess which means everything just had to be done in a particular fashion. guests must be entertained every minute of their time here. there has to be a variety of appetizers. food has to be cooked to perfection. the list could go on and on with my demands when hosting.

it was all worth it once everything came together. people enjoyed my dishes, green beans almodine and a cheese cake. it was my first time making either. i now have two more things to add to my cooking repatoire. but i digress.

i do so enjoy playing the role of hostess. i get it from my granny. her hostess spirit had to come to someone since it skipped my mother completely. one day i shall have a big house and host parties for every holiday. thanksgiving, christmas, new years, easter, memorial day, labor day, fourth of july. you name it, and i shall host it.

until that blessed day i have to host parties at my parents house for the family. and gatherings at my house for friends (family doesn't want to travel to lake city). it might be tiring, but i enjoy being the hostess. it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, and do it well.

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