Monday, November 21, 2011

the saga of a snorer

Hello, my name is Toni and I snore. Quite loudly at that. OK Acceptance is the first step. Now I must find a way to end this problem. I didn’t want to believe that I snored. I thought people were mistaken when they mentioned it. But several people have told me on separate occasions that I snored. Hearing the same thing from three valid sources means it must be the truth. That could be the difference between me getting married or not. Who wants to marry the chick that snores? Reason no. 243 for me being a cat lady: I snore.

I might just snore worse than Grandpa.
I did a Google search on causes for snoring and got several results: menopause, obesity, sleep posture, blocked nasal passages and alcohol intake. I had a few hot flashes several weeks ago, but I highly doubt I have menopause at 26. I can count on one hand with several fingers left over of how many times I drunk this year. I can probably scratch that reason too. Any of the other three could be the culprit.

I’m fat. Not thick, big boned or husky, but obese. I wouldn’t say I’m morbidly so, but I need to drop at least 50 lbs. This is something I am actively working on. With my new job I have better hours, and can actually exercise on a regular and eat healthier. Once I drop that weight the snoring will be gone, right? Then again I change sleep positions frequently. Several friends attested to the fact that I didn’t snore while in one position. The noise only came when I switched. I just don’t know which one causes the snoring. What if it’s the one I’m most comfortable in? I don’t know when I’m snoring unless told.

Most of all, I have blocked nasal passages. The official medical term is inferior turbinate hypertrophy for my condition. Due to my allergies, my turbinate are enlarged the size of Cleveland last I heard. I already can’t half smell, so I tend to sleep with my mouth open. I read snoring could be an indicator of sleep apnea. This snoring is ridiculous. I’ve got to solve this problem before it gets much worse.


  1. Yeah, you might have the Apnea. It's okay if you snore though. Punching in your sleep - now that might be the marriage deal-breaker.

    You should tape yourself sleeping so you could see how bad you snore.


  2. Lol I move around but don't punch. I actually thought about trying the taping.

  3. Hi Toni:

    I run a wellness program that focuses on snoring in minority women. You can send me an email at for further information about the project and its relevance to your condition.


    - Mary Katherine