Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Treat yourself

One of my favorite shows right now is “Parks and Recreation.” Amid the wacky interactions between the characters are little life lessons in each episode. At least that’s what I thought after seeing the episode “Pawnee Rangers.”

A subplot for the episode detailed how two characters, Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, have an annual “Treat Yourself” day. The day is filled with much needed pampering and shopping. Items bought can be something frivolous because as they both pointed out, “Treat yourself.” For this year’s day they brought along a friend, Ben Wyatt. He was confused about the “Treat Yourself” philosophy. He didn’t enjoy the spa treatment and initially only bought a big pack of socks.

This guy knows how to treat himself.
After viewing the episode, there was only one thing I could do – set up my own “Treat Yourself” day. It’s a genius concept. Who doesn’t want to have at least one day out the year where they throw caution to the wind? Instead of saying no to the polyester suit with mushroom lining like the other 364 days, you “Treat yourself” and buy it.

Often as adults we get caught up in the busy world. We spend vacations at home. Eat lunch at our desks. Work after the day is done at home. This is done all while juggling other responsibilities such as family, school or more. We need to take the time to treat ourselves for all the hard work we put in throughout the year. Not treat the children, the spouse, the friend, but ourselves.

I’m not sure what my “Treat Yourself” day will consist of just yet. Whatever it is will be something I greatly enjoy. The day is your opportunity to just treat yourself to whatever you enjoy. Donna even pointed out to Tom that while pampering and new clothes are their version of “Treat Yourself” day, maybe Ben had another. Perhaps a “Treat Yourself” day for you might be the one time out the year you eat nothing but chocolate cake. Or maybe you want to get in VIP for a swanky event. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it. Just keep one thing in mind on that day – Treat Yourself!

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