Monday, November 28, 2011

a random call

sometimes i sleep with my phone right next to me. it's probably not the smartest thing to do since I move around in my sleep. i never really thought it was a problem until last night. somehow while sleeping i removed the keypad lock and the phone called one of my homegirls.

typically when i randomly dial someone unware its either my brother or play sister. needless to say it honed in on someone else.  she texted me a few minutes later thinking something was the matter but i assured her it was a mistake. then she called but since i was mid text i didn't answer. wrong mistake to make with this friend.

she watches all those true crime and murder shows and is slightly paranoid. let her call and you don't answer. she will think someone has kidnapped you. i saw it firsthand when her boyfriend didn't answer new year's day one year. she thought he had been hurt and said we only had a window of 48 hours to find the killer.  so in my half sleep state i called her back and successfully convinced her i wasn't held hostage. then back to bed for two more quality sleeping hours i went.

honestly when i woke up this morning i thought it was all a dream. it wasn't until around lunch time while checking my missed calls i saw i had one from her at 4 something in the morning. then i checked my text messages which confirmed we indeed texted about a random late night phone call.

the moral of this story is very simple. don't sleep with your phone, especially if you have a paranoid friend like mine.

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