Saturday, November 26, 2011

a house divided

i am a university of florida gator. my parents and brother are not. they rep the florida state university seminoles. did i mention there is a bitter rivalry between the schools? neither of my parents went to fsu; yet they rep the noles like an alumni. my parents always liked former fsu coach bobby bowden. said he was a humble coach they despised former uf coach steve spurrier. it was only natural they become noles. as a result my brother and i were noles fans. fsu was one one of my college choices until i learned they didn't have a journalism program. florida has the best in the state. so off to gatorland i went.

florida provided the best four years of my life. i loved the school. it gave me a solid education, connected me with friends for life and filled me with so many memories. and we won two national championships, one in football and basketball, while i was there. our teams were hot like fire. not so much this year.

this has been a rough year for the gators. we're in a rebuilding year for the football team. the coach last year, the urban legend, jumped ship. we got a new coach. we have a crappy qb. it's always great to be a florida gator, but our fb team is standing in the need of prayer.

today is the annual rivalry between uf and fsu. things aren't going so well so far. it's already half time and we're down by 14 points. the world's worse qb, john brantley, threw three, not one or two, but three interceptions in just the first half. clearly i need to suit up and play qb. there has been a lot of screaming during the game thus far. my daddy thinks they can hear him for some reason. one day he'll learn. if i must keep it real i will admit we probably won't come back and win this game. it just ain't our year in 2011. next year. but win or lose i am always a gator. through all types of weather we'll all stick together for f-l-o-r-i-d-a!

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