Monday, November 7, 2011

post new year's theme

Allow me to present something that is long overdue: my new year’s theme. Think of it as a slogan of sorts. Usually I wait until the end of the year to unveil my theme. What better way to start the New Year off? For me, a theme helps provide a definition for the New Year. It sets the standards to make the New Year the best one possible. Instead of setting resolutions, which I never keep, I can use a theme as my guide for the year.

No more being a lazy bum.
The ever fantastic Cee first introduced me to the concept of themes in late 2008. She declared 2009 as her year of “Living Off the Wall.” Her goal was to step outside the box and try new things, which she did. I followed suit and made my theme for 2009 “The Year of the Do Better.” I tried to do better in every aspect of my life. The next year my theme was “2010: Do it Big, Then.” After doing better, I had to do it big. Then 2011 hit, but I didn’t really set a theme. I lacked motivate to do anything. I sat around like a bum with my free time. That’s about to change.

There are only a few weeks left in the year, but I have been inspired to set a theme. This is one that will carry me through 2012. My goal for a year is to “Get up, get out and do something: 52 weeks of memories.” The other day it hit me – I don’t do much of anything. I have all this free time because of the new job. I said my previous job kept me from living. Now that I’ve changed careers, it’s time to live a little.

With my new theme, I am determined to do something memorable each week. There is more to life than just watching anime episodes or sleeping for 10 hours. No longer will I waste my time idly. Some things will be planned. Others will be spontaneous. This week I’m planning on going to trivia night and to a party. Already my theme is moving at full blast. All that matters is that I do something.

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