Sunday, November 27, 2011

52 Weeks of Memories: Week 3

this week my memorable event was going to the movies with my little cousins. i have a plethora of little cousins in my family, but only one really likes me. honestly, she's the only one i like anyway. that's not to say she's a perfect little angel. but i can tolerate her much, much more than the rest. she is too grown for her own good, but she has consistenly liked me, and only me, since she was a baby. that counts for a lot in my book.

most of my little cousins aren't too used to me. i was either away in college when they were born or we just don't mesh. well it's their loss. now i only have to worry about spoiling one. when the princess and the frog came out i wanted to see it with someone. what better person to bring than a child? so i called her mom asking if we could hang and since then, every year we've gone to see a movie around the holidays.

she is the oldest of three children and her little brother asked why i didn't ever take him any where. i felt bad for a minute until i remembered he doesn't know how to act. he ended up telling my little brother they should hang like his sister and me. my brother was down for the casue, so we played a double cousin hang out day friday. we went to see arthur christmas in 3-d. it was the perfect movie to get me in the christmas mood. now that thanksgiving is over, i can focus on christmas, my birthday and new years.

the movie made me laugh, apparently more so than the rest of the people in the audience. it even sparked a few tears. ok so i'm overly emotional. i hadn't really heard about it before my cousin mentioned the movie, but i'm glad we went to see it. our orignal pick was the muppets, but i am more than happy to wait until it comes out at redbox. happy feet 2 was a close second.

after the movie my little cousin and i chilled at my parents' house while our brothers went to the barber shop. we watched tv, ate left overs and just enjoyed quality cousin time. normally our outings are around christmas but with the reduced work schedule from my new job we will probably be squeezing in a lot more cousin hang out days. i can't wait.

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