Friday, November 11, 2011

The sick chronicles

All good things must come to an end. For me that means my health. Of course I’m sick again. What else is new? Just the other day I was boasting to some that I haven’t been sick since I started my new job. Knock on wood. Or perhaps it’s too late for that now? I should have paid attention to the signs. Wednesday my nose was runny but I didn’t think too much about it. Then at some point Wednesday night while drinking water my throat started feeling funny. Just before bed my head began to feel congested. I popped two Benadryl pills and hoped for better results in the morning. No such luck. I was full fledge sick on Thursday.

She looks how I feel right now.
I blame the weather changes. Florida is bi-polar. One minute it’s 100 degrees. The next it’s 50. A body cannot get used to all of this. Plus it doesn’t help that I’ve neglected to take my gummy vitamins over the past few months. And I’ve been playing around some nights getting only four hours of sleep. Some cold days a jacket was optional. I was just asking to get sick.

Sickness affects me on a semi-regular basis. Unfortunately I tend to blurry what I have. Allergies, colds and sinus infections all seem fairly similar to me. How is one supposed to tell which is which? Half my time is spent trying to pick the right medicine for my symptoms. Then getting me to take any is a battle in itself. I am of the belief that taking medicine makes you sicker. Before I popped the Benadryl I only had about two symptoms. After the Benadryl I had four. It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

Most people lose weight while sick. Not me. At least not when it’s a cold, sinus infection or allergies. I tend to get the munchies. Now I’m going to want to eat everything in sight, particularly fried foods and chocolate. One silver lining for me is I have Friday off for Veteran’s Day. That gives me three days to recuperate by Monday. Will our heroine make it? Will she survive this latest bout of sickness? Stay tuned to the anTONIa Chronicles.

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