Friday, November 25, 2011

fatted calf

just stick a fork in me because i am done. i. feel. stuffed. not full, but miserably stuff. this is why i must starve myself until thanksgiving. sure there are other holidays throughout the year that feature a massive feast, but none are quite like thanksgiving.

every year the same thing happens. i eat until i can't eat any more. then i end up feeling miserable. must as i am right now. no matter what i just can't stop. all thah food in front of me is just too much temptation.
i think the problem is we always have too many food choices. i only get a little of this and that. however, eventually that adds up to a lot of this and that. one could argue that i shouldn't be hoggish. i should just use a smaller plate instead of a larger one. yeah right. that doesn't stop me from piling food.
in my mind thanksgiving means you must eat while the eating is good. i promise to do better on christmas. for the next few days i shall remain overly stuffed with thanksgiving goodies.

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