Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top news

Clearly it must be the end times because so much crazy stuff is happening in the world today. I spend a good portion of my time keeping up with the latest news. I might not work at a newspaper anymore but please believe I’m still a newshound. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve heard about The Penn State Scandal, Occupy Wall Street; all that is Herman Cain and Kim Khardasian’s short lived marriage. Here are my thoughts on these big major news events:

The Penn State Scandal. I read the grand jury report about Sandusky and just wanted to cry. I know everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but can’t we just bypass all that and bury him alive? My trivia group was talking about it and said they felt Paterno was wrongfully fired. Am I the only one who feels like it was justified? He just didn’t do enough in my opinion to stop the madness. And McQueary should be fired too in my opinion. Why didn’t you stop Sandusky from violating the child when you saw it? I’m about to get all riled up again.

Occupy Wall Street. Is it bad I don’t understand what it’s all about? I know people are protesting about something. I’m just not really sure what. I know I probably should be more informed, but all the articles are unappealing. Except for the one where the 80-something-year-old woman was pepper sprayed.

Herman Cain. A Facebook friend keeps posting articles about him to my wall. I really wish he would stop. I’m not as big on national politics as much as I am on local. I do know enough about Herman Cain to say I won’t be voting for him if he makes it to Election Day. There is just something shady about him. Not to mention all these scandals coming out.

Kim Khardashian. I’m sick of hearing about her and her two second marriage. Is nothing sacred to people anymore? She made a mockery of the institution. It seemed like a publicity stunt since she announced her engagement. I figured it wasn’t going to last, but not that quick. I’m sick of hearing about her.

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