Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful thoughts

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I can hardly wait. The kitchen is filled with smells of sweet potato pie, collard greens and much, much more. This time last year I was still in Lake City and not coming home until Thanksgiving evening. Talk about missing all the Thanksgiving fun. Such is not the case this time around. I came home to Jacksonville Tuesday night. Jesus is real, God is good and I am so thankful. Every year I like to make a list of things I am thankful for, be they big, little, random or slightly ridiculous. This year I’m thankful for:

A new job. I love writing, but office politics at my previous job were making me unhappy. It was time for a change. My new position allows me to still utilize my journalism skills in a much happier environment. Also, I have so much free time. Now I can actually enjoy life as a 20-something.

My roommate’s cat. I used to have a betta fish, Ralphie, but he passed away in January. Whenever I had a bad day, Ralphie was the first person to hear about it. Without my longtime confidant, I felt lost. Then Ozzie, the cat, decided I made a good pillow. Now he want leave me alone. But it did help me not hurt as much over losing Ralphie. Ozzie listens to my rants these days and cuddles when I need it. Yes, I am a semi-cat lady. Don’t judge me.

My friends. None of us live in the same city, yet we’ve maintained a bond since college. They keep me motivated in all my endeavors, call me out on my flaws when I need to hear it and are always there for me. Life is so much easier with friends. I would be lost without my close circle of friends. We each bring something unique to the overall friendship.

My family. From the root to the fruit, we’re all a hoot (an actual reunion slogan I’ve seen). Every time we’re all together I enjoy myself. I can’t wait until the family reunion. Any time we can all get together is a joy for me.

What are you thankful for this year?

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