Sunday, November 6, 2011

A new identity

Identity is more than just one area.
In the past people have often greeted me by saying, “Hey Ms. Reporter” or “What’s up Ms. Media” and so on. Being a reporter was not only my job description, but also my identity. At least it was until about a month ago. I took a position with a local college in the area. It encompasses a variety of my skills cultivated in the journalism industry.

When I went to church Sunday, someone greeted me with a, “Hey Lake City Reporter.” I responded “Not anymore. I don’t work there anymore.” It felt great to say those words. I was worried about not being a reporter anymore before leaving. What would it feel like? Would I miss it? Most of all, how would I identify myself?

In my mind I am a woman of few talents. I bombed at playing the piano. I can’t sing. Acting isn’t for me. My speaking skills leave much to be desired. Writing, particularly articles was the one area I could shine. Being a journalist did not automatically make me able to write poetry, fictional stories, plays and so forth. However, I could pen the facts in a somewhat appealing article.

My writing garnered attention, which fed into my ego. Articles I wrote sometimes inspired action among the masses. I believe everyone has a purpose in life. But now that I wasn’t going to be a reporter anymore what good would I be to society? Who am I if not a reporter? Clearly I became so wrapped up in the reporter title until I forgot my identity.

It’s only been three weeks but I’m much happier in my new position. (I even have an office). I don’t really miss reporting the news. Now I can make it. As for my new identity, I’m simply me. Not Toni the reporter. Just Toni. That’s the only identity I need because it sums up everything in one. Whether I’m writing articles or coordinating a program to help students graduate from high school and college (the new job), I can make a difference. I used to only know one thing I was good at – writing. In my new position I hope to discover some more.

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