Sunday, November 13, 2011

natural trendsetter

I’ve had an obsession with my hair ever since I went completely natural in July 2005. I can hardly believe it’s been six years since that fateful night. While taking out kinky twist extensions, I decided to cut off my relaxed hair down to the new growth. I realized something that night – I cannot cut hair.

From relaxed to natural.
Choosing to go natural wasn’t because of some epiphany about relaxers, the creamy crack, being evil or believing that wearing my hair straight was a representation of me still being oppressed by the man. It was hardly that deep of a decision. I merely hate the process of having a relaxer applied. It burned like crazy, especially if you scratched, sweated or did anything to your hair the days leading up to an application. That was no way to live. Also I couldn’t find a hair dresser in Gainesville I trusted with my hair. Most of all, I liked the soft feel of curls that appeared during the days when I needed a relaxer.
Going natural wasn’t a popular decision in my immediate or extended family. It still isn’t. My father, grandma, aunt and uncle always have snide comments to say about my hair. I just ignore them. It is interesting to note, however, that several family members have also decided to go natural recently. Two aunts, an older cousin and even my mother have joined the ranks of natural beauties. I’d like to think I was the natural trendsetter.
It shocked me when Ma Dukes said she was going natural. She’s always indecidve about her hair to me. She had her relaxed hair cut off a few weeks ago. I haven’t been home to see it in person yet, but the pictures are amazing. Mother dear and I are not hair stylists at all. Working with our natural texture, we tend to do a lot better. Also, YouTube has so many videos of natural hair styles all I do is sit, watch and learn. I don’t believe when people say they can’t go natural. You came out the womb natural, not relaxed. But everything isn’t for everybody. Natural hair fits my personality. It's the right choice for me.

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  1. I hear you. I've gone natural too. It's hella high maintenance, but somebody has to show these people around here how to do it right.