Saturday, November 19, 2011

the poet in me

I was inspired to write a post today based on nothing but randomness. Why? Well why not? Sometimes you just want to get your poetry on. Plus, I wrote a massive post yesterday. It was perhaps the most serious I have ever been. I needed something to lighten the mood. So I present to you "Poetry is hard."
I got rhymes for days.

"Poetry is hard,"
said the boy to his teacher.
"For I am not the Bard
skilled with iambic pentameter.
I lack the skill to craft
a verse that is of much worth
I fear that I am too daft
and my poems are getting much worse."

"Oh no you are doing well,"
the teacher finally replied.
"With practice you'll be swell.
Soon you'll bring tears to my eyes.
Rome wasn't built in a day
and neither shall your skill be.
I believe for you poetry is the way
to demonstate your creativity."

"If I must, I shall attempt this chore,
but honestly dear teacher this really is a bore."
"Just keep at it my boy and one day you shall see
the benefits of this poetry lesson from me."

I'm a poet and now you know it. Well not really. I pretty much suck at poetry. Oh well, we can't all be gifted in everything.


  1. Hot. You know what would've been hotter? An ode to your cat. Maybe I should write something about Catticus Finch. After all, I am a cat-man.