Thursday, November 3, 2011

All I want for the holidays

Halloween just ended a few days ago, and Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. I’ve already started compiling my Christmas/Birthday list. I don’t bother trying to specify which is for what day since the two are so close together. My parents have received a holiday list from me since I was old enough to write. There is no reason for the tradition to end just because I’m in my late 20s. My lists never ask for anything too extravagant. I am a woman of simple tastes. All I want for Christmas /Birthday this year is:

Is a few things here and there.

1. Adult size footie pajamas. I love PJs with the feet attached. Don’t. Judge. Me. The PJs would be perfect for the cold winter nights when I am curled up in my cocoon of warmth. There is one in particular that features Eeyore.

2. Eeyore bedroom slippers. Size 10 (I have big feet). On the nights I don’t wear the footie PJs, I can sport these instead. I love Eeyore. Can you tell?

3. A Chia Pet. I’ve always wanted one. Never got it. This year it’s do or die. I would like to think I can get something to grow successfully.

4. A crock pot. I hate cooking in several pots. A crock pot would allow me to get it all in one. It’s less of a cleaning hassle too.

5. Glee the Music Vols. 4-6 and Presents the Warblers. I love, love, love Glee. It touched me from the pilot episode. Some songs they perform much better than the original artist (i.e. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac).

6. A diploma frame. I graduated from college in 2007. My diploma sits rolled up in my book chest (a toy chest with books). It doesn’t need to be an expensive one. Walmart has several for like $20.

7. Large picture frames. Preferably in black. I have an office to decorate. What better way than with collages? I promise to feature family and friends and not just myself.

I know I’m leaving something really cool off the list. I just don’t know what. But honestly any gift I receive is always a pleasure. Just the thought of someone thinking on me is gift enough.


  1. I got you, Tones. #3,4,6 or 7.


  2. Finally, someone who doesn't laugh at the chia pet request. Lol